Artist Statement 

In my practice, I try to focus on the notions of representation and assertion from the formerly colonized hemispheres.They become tools in an inquiry into the socio-political structures that shape our world in its globalized era.
Through the observation of the role of culture in advertisement, public monuments, and national archives, I question the modes of aesthetic self-determination in these postcolonial spaces.
As Felwin Sarr says in Afrotopia, “culture has an impact on perceptions, attitudes, consumer habits, investments, and savings, individual and collective choices; it remains the principal economic act”.
In this sense, I try to understand the underlying neoliberal colonialist environment from which deceptive forms of self-determination can arise. This is also an attempt to understand how imaginaries manifested in public spaces inform the establishment of social relationships and the understanding of identities.
To use photography, it means to employ a medium that, given its historical role, allows me to question the beliefs behind representational “knowledge” and the different process of othering it enacts in Western and Non-Western societies.


2020 MFA Master in Fine Arts at ZHDK, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. Thesis: Culture Lost and Learned by Heart: The Anti-Colonial Archive as a Construction Site in Contemporary Art. Zurich, CH

2017 BA in New Technologies for Art at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. 
Thesis subject: Observation of advertising through contemporary art in the studies of cultural anthropology. Milan, IT
Solo Exhibitions

2021 Culture lost and Leared by Heart, Galerie Cecile Fakhoury.  
Abijan, CI
2021 Aphasia, curated by Emanuele Guidi, Ar/Ge Kunst. Bolzano, IT
2020 Red Fever Clark House. Mumbai, IN (postponed)
2019 Red Fever, Atlantico Festival, Biblioteca Cabral for Post-Colonial Studies. Bologna, IT
2019 Maggic Cube, Fescaal 29° edition, Porta Venezia Casello Ovest, curated by Maria Pia Bernardoni. Milano, IT
2017 Les Maggic Dak’art off French Cultural Center, Dakar, SN

Collective Exhibitions

2021 Plattform 21, MASI Museum of Conteeporary Art Lugano, CH
2021 Mediterranea Biennale- Schools of Water.
San Marino, SM
2020 Galerie Cecile Fakhoury, “I have a memory, but it’s not my own”. Dakar, SN
2020 14° Dak’art Biennale - Ĩ NDAFFA, Dakar, SN (postponed)
2020 Foam Museum - Foam Talent, Amsterdam, NL
2020 KuelHause - Foam Talent, Berlin, DE
2020 Kunsthalle Wien - “… of bread, wine, cars, security and peace” curated by What, How and for Whom/WHW. Wien, AT
2019 Rencontres de Bamako - Biennale Africane de la Photographie, curated by Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung. Bamako, ML
2019 The Recovery Plan - Biagiotti progetto Arte with Maacal Museum. Florence, IT
2018Lagos Photo Festival “Time Has Gone” curated by Valentine Umansky. Lagos, NG