Coordinates DAK'ART 2014

A journey that reveals the infinite layers of space.

Maimouna Guerresi | Ruben Brulat
George Osodi | Silvia Grav
Giada Connestari | Carlito Schiliro`
Jean Baptiste Joire | Martina dal Brollo
Chiara Sorgato | Enej Gala

Aere View works from one year to the promotion of contemporary art expressed in all its forms.
Dakar is a meeting point, a common thread that binds the geographical coordinates and the sensitivity of the founders of the magazine, artists and collaborators, far away in space, but united in Aere View, focusing on the similarities rather than the differences by joining the points of view , how to observe the space and to prevail in it.
Thus was born COORDINATES, a journey that reveals the endless layers of space in relation to the human being.
The space is a container, but it can also be content: faces and facets of a prism that we anatomized and reset into a graphic like a Cartesian coordinate system, synthesizing each sensitivity of each selected artist, a horizontal axis that grows with experiences, and its locating compared to Space, a vertical axis which rises mystically.
The result of these coordinates will be the exhibition itself, a map of the human experience coming in and out of Infinity now mental now concrete spaces.
In close connection with a more geographical view, meridians and parallels of the East and the West, the coordinates’ mothers whose distances and spacial equilibrium are conventionally constant but whose content depends on the sensibilities that inhabits every part of the World.
As a result they will be stuck together in the exhibition, where coordinates become an unified vision of coexistence of parallels and points of view and not desegregation.

A project by Adji Dieye

Curated by Adji Dieye and Gloria Manigrasso