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Adji Dieye is an artist living and working between Zurich, Milan, and Dakar. Dieye holds a BA in New Technologies of Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan and a MFA degree from the Zurich University of the Arts, ZHDK. 

Adji Dieye's artistic practice questions the transmedia nature of the photographic medium in an attempt to analyze the epistemologies mediating the construction of selfhood in an anti-colonial era.
Her research looks at the economy of national and cultural representation in public spaces of diasporic and west-African identities. Through her projects, Adji Dieye addresses the visual representation and commodification of identity while critiquing cultural norms and stereotyped gender roles. Dieye asks how societal representation in the public sphere informs the individual’s imagination and our general perception of ourselves, and in doing so, she presents the embedded political paradox of identitarian imageries.

Since 2018 Adji Dieye has exhibited in several international venues: Lagos PhotoFestival, Les Rencontres de la photographie African Bamako, Kunsthalle Wien, Dak’art Biennale 2020, Clarck House Mumbai.